Jodie Book Series: For Ages 8+

Jodie's love of nature and sense of adventure take her on journeys of mystery and excitement. She faces the challenges of growing up, and uses her resilience, determination and self belief to tackle life head on. 

Book #1 Jodie's Rescue

Jodie Jackson is a twelve year old girl, who lives with her father above their boatshed in Serpentine Bay. As well as starting a new school and making new friends, a father who is absorbed in his work, and missing her mother, Jodie finds solace in sailing. But will the ocean turn against her?

Can she save the lighthouse from development? And why are there dead penguins in the water? Who is the girl in the photo she finds under the stairs? And, most importantly, where is her mother?

Jodie’s voyage of discovery takes her to a place she never dreamed she’d be....But how will she convince her father that it is real?

Book #2 Jodie's Secret at Crater Cove

Jodie loves being part of the world of boats, and everything to do with living on the water; - waves lapping, sea birds calling, the salty smell of the ocean, and at night, the gentle sound of the boat’s rigging, tapping on the masts.

At her new school, Jodie has made a friend, Sarah Chan, but she misses her mother. Especially when the school is having a Mother/Daughter lunch. And why is Sarah so quiet and withdrawn?

When Jodie sails to Crater Cove to sketch one of the abandoned shacks, she makes a discovery. Is someone living there? And what is the significance of the turtle charm?

Fire threatens to destroy the shacks, and Jodie is torn. Should she illegally drive her father’s runabout? Will she even get there in time?

Jodie’s intuition guides her through her many challenges, and she learns the value of family, friendship, and self-belief.

Book #3 Jodie's Adventure on Driftwood Island

Camping with school friends, watching whales breach, rescuing dolphins, and exploring the island, it’s all exciting for Jodie.

But what is the mystery about the teddy bears that she finds in the car park and on the boat? And who are the nasty looking men in the black van that seem to appear in unexpected places?

When Jodie accompanies Teela, the senior ranger to a remote shack, the unexpected happens and Jodie is forced to act decisively. Can she save the wildlife? Can she save Teela? And more importantly, can she save herself?

Jodie is forced to muster an inner strength that awakens a renewed sense of self, and with her determination and resilience, she learns what it really means to persist and never give up.

Book #4 Jodie's Challenge at Kingfisher Bay

Book trailer coming soon!

Jodie's love of sailing leads her to the discovery of an old bottle that has washed up on a beach.

When she finds something inside it, she is intrigued.

Can she uncover the mystery behind it?

Her quest for answers takes her to a story of love and loss, and the importance of friendship and family.


A joy to read!

I am a 68 year old grandmother and I loved these books. I have them all! I can't wait to read them to my grandchildren this weekend! I love how Diane, the author, included so many interesting things in her books. I especially appreciate that Diane gave topics for discussion at the end of each book. This is really going to be helpful when I go through the books with my grandchildren. There are important lessons to be learned if the reader is willing to pursue them.

Barbara Marie Babish


I purchased the first two books about Jodie and her adventures and enjoyed reading them. Both books kept my interest until the end. I especially like the discussion questions at the end of the book. I passed the books on to my grandchildren, and they are very excited to read about Jodie’s adventures. I hope to talk to them using some of the discussion topics one day soon.

Diane is an excellent author and really has a gift for keeping her readers engaged. Let me know when the next one is ready to go on sale!

Heather Haynes (Canada)

Young Adults

Jodie's Rescue and Jodie at Crater Cove are two fantastic young adult books. The author has captured the trials and tribulations teens go through, while expressing the beauty of nature in these two page turning novels. Jodie is an inspiring character, who throughout our journey with her, learns to cope with loneliness, grief, and bullying. A recommended read for any young girl or boy.

Tommy C

Children's Issues

What I love most about Diane Fagan's books is that they cover really important children's issues that I haven't seen by other authors. They're also engaging and exciting so kids won't want to put them down. I absolutely love and recommend them!

Heather M

Must read!

Jodie’s Rescue, Jodie’s Secret at Crater Cove and Jodie’s Adventure at Driftwood Island are a must- read trilogy for any young adult. Jodie is an inspiration to other young girls out there, but boys too will love the adventure and excitement of the journey. It’s an excellent novel about coping with bullying and grief, and overcoming the trials of being a teenager. The way the author uses the beauty of nature to complement the story makes the read all the more inspiring and enjoyable.

Philippa C

Loved them!

Ruby (age 11) in Singapore - The books were really good, with fascinating characters who had personality. I could really imagine the characters, they came to life for me. And the adventures were great too.

Ellie (age 12) in Sydney - I really liked the way Jodie can get out on her own in a sailboat and explore. I would like to do that too!

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